Toshiba integrates ISIS SmartTap into Ace Point-of-sale

Integration with Isis SmartTap Extends Mobile Commerce Capabilities to Grocery Industry

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - 17 April 2013 - Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc., the leading supplier of integrated in-store solutions, today announced the expansion of its mobility solutions to include support for the Isis SmartTap™ mobile commerce application with the Toshiba ACE point-of-sale (POS) platform for North America. As part of Toshiba’s Together Commerce vision for retailer-consumer engagement, consumers will now be able to easily and more securely make payments and redeem offers with a single tap of their smartphone.

Toshiba has a strong heritage of delivering the best possible checkout experience for retail shoppers and expansion of its mobile capabilities continues the innovation that Toshiba customers have come to expect. Delivered through Toshiba’s global professional services organization, the integration of Isis’ SmartTap solution into the ACE POS platform not only enables mobile payments, but allows merchants to improve the customer experience by extending offers and loyalty programs to shoppers’ smartphones.

“Integration of Isis SmartTap with the ACE POS platform can fundamentally transform the way consumers and retailers interact at the POS,” said John Gaydac, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Professional Services for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “Toshiba is committed to helping retailers adapt their strategies, their stores and their technology to support a more customer centric shopping experience. Working closely with innovation partners such as Isis in our Together Commerce Alliance Program is key to this strategy.”

“The Isis platform provides a channel for retailers to strengthen the relationship with their consumers and transform the shopping experience, long before a consumer reaches the check-out line,” said Jim Stapleton, Chief Sales Officer, Isis. “By integrating Isis SmartTap with the ACE POS platform, Toshiba customers will be able to mobilize offers and their rewards programs, driving loyalty and ultimately increasing consumer spending.”

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