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IBM offers a wide range of hardware and software, delivering
amazing possibilities to our customers

  • SurePOS 300 Series

    The IBM SurePOS 300 Series is the affordable, planet-friendly point-of-sale solution for mid-market retailers who want to enhance the customer experience, increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency. With the smallest footprint in the IBM portfolio, this POS has the versatility and performance retail demands. Breakthrough energy efficient technology and retail systems management help create a sustainable “green” business and reduce costs.

  • SurePOS 500 Series

    IBM SurePOS 500 point-of-sale system delivers style, affordability, performance and retail hardened design, ideal for specialty and food service stores. With support for sales tracking, loyalty programs and supply chain management to boost store efficiency and build customer advocates, it enhances speed, performance and reliability at the POS.

  • SurePOS™ 700 Series

    The SurePOS 700 is the industry’s premier point of sale solution for retailers who demand maximum performance, manageability, and adaptability to transform their business to a highly differentiated and customer-focused enterprise. Unique features help reduce solution cost and complexity while providing a scalable design to enable retailers to operate an efficient and resilient business.