This web site provides information on the export control status of IBM hardware and software products. The following is a comparison of IBM's hardware and software, and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Commerce Control List. This information is not intended to replace the EAR but is intended to be used in conjunction with the EAR to assist you in the export of IBM's hardware and software products. All Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) are subject to change without notice.


  • Classification ID

    A four-digit alphanumeric identification code, assigned by IBM, to a specific ECCN. Classification IDs are only meaningful for IBM products. They exist to account for ECCNs which include multiple defined items and authorization under their definition (for example, 5D992 can be limited encryption, weak encryption, or Mass Market strong encryption. The Classification ID assigned to a particular 5D992 product clarifies which it is). The description for Classification IDs can be found in the Classification Tables for hardware and software products.

  • ECCN (Export Control Classification Number)

    A five-digit alphanumeric classification system used to determine U.S. export licensing requirements. The ECCN represents a specific commodity defined in the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR). For more information on the EAR please visit the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) web site or contact their offices directly.

    Bureau of Industry and Security, Washington, D.C. (202) 482-4811

  • ERN (Encryption Registration Number) (Discontinued as of 9/20/2016)

    As of September 20, 2016, the US Government removed the Encryption Registration requirements from the regulations. As a result, IBM has discontinued use of the R100020 ERN. Products previously classified under the ERN will continue to reflect this nomenclature; however, any items classified after September 20, 2016 will now reflect "Self-Classified" as the authorization.

A note from our lawyers

Please note: This classification lookup tool web page is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advice by IBM as to any particular actual set of facts, and does not represent any undertaking by IBM to keep the user advised as to all relevant U.S. export controls development. Instead, this web page is designed only to get users started in understanding their U.S. export controls obligations. IBM encourages users to seek competent legal counsel for advice. (Note that there is no established schedule for updating this Web site.)

Contact information

If you require further assistance, please contact the IBM Export Regulation Office.

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Hardware Classification Table

Computers and Computer Accessories
ID ECCN Description
A1ca 4A001 Computers and related equipment
B8cf 4A003.b APP > 12.5 WT
D1dc 4A994.b APP: Greater than or equal to 0.0128 WT but less than or equal to 0.50 WT
D1dd 4A994.c APP Enhancer
D1dm 4A994.i Computer hardware with 5A991 terminal interface equipment
D1dp 4A994.b APP 0.0128 - 12.5 WT with crypto hardware/NLR (5A992)
D1dt 4A994.j Computer Interconnect > 80 Mbytes/s but less than or equal to 2.0 Gbytes/s
F1az EAR99  
GGcr 4A003.b APP dependent on number of machine nodes and processors
GGcy 4A003.c Electronic assembly capable of aggregation over 12.5 WT
GGcz 4A994.b APP dependent on configuration, but cannot exceed 12.5 WT
J4dn 4A994.b APP: Greater than 0.50 WT but less than or equal to 12.5 WT
J7dk 4A994.b APP: Greater than 0.50 WT but less than or equal to 12.5 WT with ENC (b)(1)/(b)(3)

Communications products
ID ECCN Description
D1kp 5A991 Telecommunications equipment

Miscellaneous products
ID ECCN Description
B1ma 2B007 Robotics
D1ea 3B992.b.4.b Stored program controlled functional test equipment

Cryptographic products
ID ECCN Description
A1nl 5A002.a.1 ENC/Foreign product with US origin encryption
A3wj 5A002.a.1 ENC (b) (3) (Unrestricted) (includes chips, chipsets, etc.)
A3wk 5A002.a.1 ENC (b) (3) (iii)
A3vn 5A002.a.1 Crypto/Unrestricted/EI Control/ENC (legacy only)
A3vr 5A002.a.1 ENC (b) (1) Commodities & SW – Key length > 64 bit
A3vw 5A002.a.1 Crypto/Unrestricted formerly known as Retail/EI Control/ENC (legacy only)
A5wc 5A002.a.1 ENC (b) (2) (Restricted) Commodities & SW – Key length > 80 bit
C1va 5A992 Crypto/Former Advisory Note/Limited Functions (Password, Authentication, etc.)/Non-EI controlled (legacy only)
C1vk 5A992 ENC (b) (1) Mass Market
C1vu 5A992 Crypto/Up to and including 64 bit encryption/Non-EI control/Mass Market/NLR (legacy only)
C1vx 5A992 ENC (a) (3) Foreign product with US origin encryption
C1vy 5A992 ENC (b) (3) Chips, toolkits, etc.

Software Classification Table

ID ECCN Description
A2vv XIII (b) State Department Controlled Item/ITAR
A3na 1D002 S/W for development of organic matrix, metal matrix, or carbon matrix laminates or composites
A3rn 5D001.c S/W for 5A001 or 5B001
A4qa 4D001 S/W for 4A001-004 (except Prod. & Dev. of computers > 0.1 WT and HPS)
A6bh 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (3) (Unrestricted) with non-controlled biometrics
A6br 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (1) with non-controlled biometrics, Commodities & SW – Key length > 64 bit
A6va 5D002.c.1 Crypto/Unrestricted formerly known as Retail/EI Control/ENC (legacy only)
A6vg 5D002.c.1 ENC/Ancillary Encryption/Non-Mass Market (legacy only)
A6vn 5D002.c.1 Crypto/Unrestricted/EI control/ENC (legacy only)
A6vr 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (1) Commodities & SW – Key length > 64 bit
A6wh 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (3) (Unrestricted)
A6wk 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (3) (iii)
A7pa 2D001 Numerical Control Mainframe S/W for Turning, Grinding and Milling for 2B001
A9bi 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (2) (Restricted) with non-controlled biometrics
A9wb 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (2) (Restricted) Commodities & SW – Key length > 80 bit
A9wd 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (2) Restricted General Purpose Toolkit
A9xz 5D002.c.1 ENC (b) (2) (Restricted) Proprietary Source Code
AApb 2D001 Numerical Control Workstation S/W (GSN) for Turning, Grinding and Milling for 2B001
AAvi 5D002.c.1 Crypto/Source Code/Non-EI Control/TSU
ADxi 5D002.c.1 Crypto/EI control
ADxw 5D002.c.1 Crypto/Open Cryptographic Interface/EI Control
ADzz 5D002.c.1 Contact your local IBM Representative for conditions
D1bl 5D992 Crypto/Limited Functions (password, authentication, etc.) with non-controlled biometrics, Mass-Marketed/Non-EI control (legacy only)
D1bk 5D992 ENC (b) (1) Mass Market with non-controlled biometrics
D1nb 8D992 S/W for 8A992
D1nc 9D991 S/W for 9A991 or 9B991
D1pg 2D991 S/W for 2B991 - 2B993
D1ph 2D992 Adaptive control software
D1ql 4D994 S/W for USE by 4A994
D1rh 5D991 S/W for 5A991 and 5B991
D1vc 5D992.b Crypto/Limited functions (password, authentication, etc.)/ Mass-marketed/non-EI control (legacy only)
D1vh 5D992 ENC (a) (3) Foreign product with US origin encryption
D1vk 5D992 ENC (b) (1) Mass Market
D1vs 5D992 ENC (b) (3) Chips, toolkits, etc.
D1vt 5D992 Crypto/Up to and including 64 bit encryption/Non-EI control/Mass Market (legacy only)
F1az EAR99  
F1bi EAR99 Subject to EAR/Software with non-controlled biometrics (e.g., facial recognition)/not elsewhere specified
H1mc 3D980 S/W for finger/voice print identification/analysis/retrieval