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Web reporting

Web Reporting is an Internet tool for suppliers made available via the Procurement Portal. A user must have a valid IBM Registration (IR) user ID, to be enabled for Web Reporting and have been granted access by supplier number and report group (both managed by the Supplier's Guest Company Coordinator). The user will log in to the application via the IR validation (either through the Portal or directly in the WR application). Authorized users can access one or more of the following supplier reports:

  1. Purchase Order Status Report - this report provides the status and details for a particular purchase order.
  2. Invoice Status Report - this report provides the status and details for a particular invoice.
  3. Remittance Advice Report - this report provides the details of the invoices paid on a particular check or EFT payment.

The user will select a report to run, enter the required information and press the submit key. The data will either be presented on the screen or e-mailed directly to the user's e-mail address (depends on query run time and/or file size). The user will be notified if the file is to be e-mailed.

A comprehensive Help function can be accessed by the supplier through the navigation menu. Detailed information regarding how to generate and interpret the reports is available to the supplier. In addition, contact information is provided and different options for language are offered.

All suppliers enabled for WOI (Web Order and Invoice) will automatically be setup for WR. In addition, select suppliers enabled for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and XML (eXtensible Markup Language) will also be setup for WR.

If you are an EDI or XML enabled supplier and are interested in being setup for WR, please send an email to

For more information on how to access and use this tool, visit: