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22 May 09: Pandemic preparedness protocol requirements for suppliers

Memorandum to: All IBM suppliers, with specific instructions for suppliers who have employees accessing IBM premises

Subject: Pandemic Preparedness Protocol Requirements for Suppliers

In September 2008, we corresponded with you recommending that you consider including certain basic preventive measures in your pandemic readiness plans. At that time, we also mentioned that if the risk of a pandemic were to increase, IBM might provide additional suggestions and specific requirements for its suppliers--particularly those with personnel working on IBM premises. This memo is to provide additional information on the subject noted above.

IBM has been preparing for a potential influenza pandemic since 2005 when worldwide concerns about avian influenza surfaced, and we are closely monitoring the current situation involving H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu). IBM's pandemic strategy is directed toward protecting the health of our people and the safety of our workplaces, maintaining continued operations of critical functions and services, and supporting people and infrastructure required to perform these functions and services. Our plans identify business critical functions, services, employees, suppliers, applications, and sites required to support the IBM business enterprise and to help support our clients.

In the process of developing its pandemic response strategy, IBM has used the guidance of national and global health organizations, as well as strong industry practices for business continuity. The principles of IBM’s pandemic strategy are the following:

Requirements for suppliers who provide services at IBM locations:

As part of IBM’s preparedness activities, IBM is addressing this section to third-party suppliers that are critical to maintaining business continuity. As such, IBM is taking important steps to coordinate with these suppliers concerning these elements of our pandemic planning that will apply when any of your personnel are working on IBM locations.

The following are key components of IBM's plan:

Though there has been no disruption to IBM’s operations during the rapid evolution of H1N1 to World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Alert Level 5, we have conducted a risk assessment and a precautionary measure, IBM has implemented certain elements of our plan now. If you provide services at an IBM location, we are asking you to do the following immediately, as well as confirm to your procurement contact by June 1, 2009, that you have implemented these measures:

We are providing the attached materials developed by IBM so that you might familiarize your staff with IBM workplace expectations. Should circumstances change, IBM will reassess our plans and determine whether additional elements will be implemented. As always, we will attempt to provide as much advance notice to you as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation. Additional questions may be directed to your local procurement contact.

Louis R. Ferretti
Director, IBM Environmental Compliance
and Supply Chain Social Responsibility