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Shipping transportation guidelines

The following guidelines must be adhered to when shipping goods for transport:
  1. Indicate complete purchase order number, item quantity, and IBM part or tool number, if any, in all invoices, shipping containers, packing lists, and correspondence.
  2. Furnish IBM with the item(s) indicated above in accordance with all conditions specified.
  3. Clearly mark carton containing Packing Slip.
  4. Invoices that include sales tax must have the tax amount specified separately on the face of the invoice.
  5. Direct all invoice status inquiries to the IBM Global Procurement Application Support Center, or phone 1-800-856-1626 for status inquiries for North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico), Brazil, and Argentina. If exception is taken to price, delivery date, or terms and conditions, immediately contact the IBM Procurement Representative.

Transportation guidelines
  1. Ship via UPS collect for ground shipments up to 150 pounds per shipment and within UPS size limitations. Ship via DHL Express for Next Day or Second Day Air shipments up to 99 pounds and within DHL size limitations.
  2. Note: The consignee/receiver's UPS or DHL account number must appear on shipments when billing "Freight Collect" for UPS or "Third Party Bill" for DHL Express. Otherwise, the supplier/shipper will be billed for freight charges. Supplier/shipper should contact receiver (IBM) in order to get this account number. If no account is set up, receiver (IBM employee) must contact Carla Castro.
  3. If the carrier is not designated on the purchase order or exceeds the weights/dimensions for UPS or DHL, contact Menlo Logistics at 1-800-220-8798 (option #4) for the proper routing and billing instructions.
  4. Carrier invoices are to be sent to:
    IBM Corporation
    c/o CTSI
    5100 Poplar Avenue, 15th Floor
    Memphis, TN 38137
  5. Alternative carrier routing can only be authorized by the IBM buyer or IBM Traffic. IBM reserves the right to charge back all additional transportation expenses incurred as a result of carrier misrouting or incorrect payment terms.
  6. Unauthorized transportation charges on invoices will be deducted by Accounts Payable.