EDI Invoicing

Accounts Payable
Accounts payable team goals are to engage with Procurement as part of the overall EDI Team to connect ALL applicable suppliers effectively and efficiently, to work toward 100% electronic business transactions, and to maintain a Web site on the internet for internal and external customer use.

EDI supplier connection/electronic commerce team:
WOI Coordinator
EDI Coordinator
Electronic Payment Coordinator
Invoicing -- 810 transactions
Electronic payments -- 820 transactions
Additional A/P services (EDI Reconciliation desk):
EFT Setup desk
Customer service help desk:
U.S. Customer Service: US +1 607-429-4848
Canada Customer Service: CA +1 905-316-7785
Guadalajara Customer Service: US +1 607-429-4859
Procurement help desk:
U.S. +1 845-433-8910