Descriptions of General Procurement sub-commodities and contact information.

Cabling: Network cabling products and services, including installation in support of IBM global services (IGS).

Networking equipment: Purchase of routers, switches, hubs, modems, DSU/CSU (data service unit/channel service unit), frame relay devices, automatic teller machines (ATM) switches, and wireless access point devices.

Security resale: Security services, including guards and security systems maintenance. Security equipment, including card access systems, cameras, and public address.

Uninterruptible power equipment: Battery power supplies used to power computer and telecommunication equipment when electrical power stops.

Voice equipment: Includes PBX (private branch exchange), ACD (automatic call distributer), phone mail, voice mail, IP (internet protocol) telephones and servers, or other premise-based hardware including headsets or other adjunct equipment. Also includes associated software such as contact center applications. Services includes break fix maintenance, installation, technicians, and MAC (moves,adds,changes) activity. When bundled with professional services, it is referred to as voice managed services (VMS), which also includes help desk activities.