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Frequently asked questions

CSA Frequently asked questions


How do I get access to Contractor Sourcing Application (CSA)?   IBM Global Procurement will provide detailed instructions on how to get access to the Contractor Sourcing Application (CSA) to eligible suppliers. Please contact your IBM buyer if you have additional questions.

Who do I call for assistance with the application?   You can contact the Procurement One Place.

How will I know that a request has been sent to me by IBM?   You will receive an automated system generated E-mail when an IBM requester has submitted a request to your company. The E-mail will go to the contact we have setup for your company.

How do I get training on the application?   You can contact the Procurement One Place.

What is my CSA userid?   Each supplier has identified a CSA focal point , called a Guest Company coordinator (GCC) and they have provided us with the userid they have registered on IBM Supply Portal. We have set up this GCC and their user id for access to CSA prior to deployment date. The GCC can access CSA and view and respond to all requests. In addition, the GCC can also setup additional users for access for CSA. The other users in your company will also need to register on supply portal for an id and give it to the GCC who will need to do the new user app enrollment process on portal. (Note: To add additional users, call the Global Procurement Application Support Center.

How do I update my CSA userid?   You can go to Supply Portal.

I lost my password. What should I do?   At the Supply Portal, select Forgot Password from the navigator pane on the left hand side of the page.

What browsers are supported in CSA?  
  1. MS Internet Explorer version v8 and v9
  2. Jaws 11.0
  3. Mozilla Firefox v9 and v10 (ERS)
  4. Google Chrome 16.0

What is the file size limit and file formats for CSA attachments?   The specifications for any attachment to be added to a CSA request are:
  1. File size can not exceed 800KB.
  2. File must be closed to ensure successful attachment. If file is open, it will not attach properly.
  3. The types of acceptable file formats are:
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Acrobat file (.pdf)
Lotus Wordpro-Datei (.lwp)
Lotus 123 file (.123)
Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
Powerpoint presentation (.ppt)
Zip archive (.zip)
Plain text (.txt and .text)
HTML (.htm and .html)

How do I map the 3 digit SMA skill code to the new primary job category, secondary job category , job role and band levels in CSA?   Call the Procurement One Place team.

Will CSA have an E-mails to notify the supplier when a request is sent to them?   Yes, CSA has numerous E-mails that will be sent to the supplier depending on various status of the request. Please refer to the Userguide section: E-mails sent by CSA to suppliers.

Who should I direct the IBM requester to for assistance on CSA (like selecting job roles, skill sets, etc ?)   Refer them to the Global Procurement Application Support Center.

Where do I find the project tasks and description information in the CSA request ?   The requester can provide this information to you via the comments to supplier field or as a separate attachment. If they did not include it in the CSA request, you will need to contact them.

How do I disable E-mails sent by CSA?   Every user that is setup for CSA for a supplier will get an E-mail from CSA for each request. It will be sent to the E-mail id that is in the profile for that user. There is currently no option to disable E-mails for each user. Based on the current design that is in production today, there are 2 alternatives to reduce E-mail going to all users:

A. Have all the users you wish to setup enter a default / common E-mail address in their profiles so everyone isn't getting the same E-mail, then the coordinator of this default E-mail account can screen and distribute the E-mails as needed.

(Note: This alternative will still have multiple copies of the same E-mail being sent to the default E-mail account since you have setup multiple users)

B. Have only 1 default user id setup other than the GCC 's id and have all users share this id. All users will share this one common id and the E-mail will go to the default E-mail address setup for this id. Multiple users can be logged into CSA with the same id at the same time. This alternative will generate 2 copies of each E-mail that is sent by CSA - one copy to the GCC's E-mail id and one copy to the default user's E-mail id since the system is seeing only 2 userids setup for CSA.

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