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Date Title
29 Nov 2007: Report: IBM Is Number One Server Vendor Worldwide in Third Quarter 2007
21 Nov 2007: IBM Blue Gene Supercomputers Top New List of Energy-Efficient Systems
12 Nov 2007: IBM's Blue Gene Pulls Away from the Pack
18 Oct 2007: Canadian Supercomputer to Help Probe Fundamental Structure of Matter
23 Aug 2007: IBM and University Scientists Launch Global Computing Effort to Find Cures for Dengue, West Nile, and Hepatitis C Diseases
23 Aug 2007: IBM Award to Help Establish Multicore Supercomputing Center at UMBC
16 Aug 2007: Rain or Shine, IBM Supercomputer to Power Official Weather Forecasts for Beijing
27 Jun 2007: IBM Blue Genes Dominate List of Fastest Supercomputers
26 Jun 2007: IBM Triples Performance of World's Fastest, Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputer
06 Jun 2007: NASA Selects IBM for Next-Generation Supercomputer Applications
11 May 2007: Blue Gene, Progeny of IBM's Chess Champ, Deep Blue, Becomes an Engine of Scientific Discovery
19 Mar 2007: New IBM Supercomputer Thrusts University of Kentucky Into Top Ranks
28 Feb 2007: IBM Unveils Initiatives to Propel High-Performance Computing Clusters Into Mid-Market
26 Feb 2007: Report: IBM #1 in Worldwide Server Revenue for 2006, According to Analyst Report
26 Feb 2007: IBM Supercomputing Simulations Support Chip Breakthrough
23 Feb 2007: Report: IBM #1 in Worldwide Server Revenue for 2006; Maintains Leadership for 8 Consecutive Years According to Industry Analyst Firm
08 Feb 2007: San Diego Supercomputer Center Triples Blue Gene Power While Achieving Record Storage Capacity Based on Newly Introduced IBM Technology
01 Feb 2007: Cutting-edge projects awarded computing time on Blue Gene/L
31 Jan 2007: NOAA Activates Newest Climate and Weather Supercomputers
31 Jan 2007: IBM Selected to Build New Supercomputer of the Max Planck Society

1 - 20 of 20 results

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