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Date Title
30 Apr 1998: IBM Aims to Set Advanced Encryption Standard to Secure E-Business
29 Apr 1998: IBM Unveils Powerful Options for ThinkPad Notebook Computers
29 Apr 1998: CATweb Adds Two New Products in Version 2.1; e-business Tools to Exploit Engineering Data Over the Web
29 Apr 1998: IBM and Sun to Deliver Data Center Solutions
28 Apr 1998: IBM Board Approves 10 Percent Dividend Increase; Additional Share Repurchase Authorized
27 Apr 1998: Industry Leaders Announce New Technology Specification To Advance Widespread Use of Smart Card Applications
27 Apr 1998: PG&E Energy Services Plugs into IBM for World-Class Electronic Capabilities
27 Apr 1998: IBM Introduces International PC Card Modem with GSM Capability
23 Apr 1998: IBM Tuning JavaOS For Business To Network Computers Based On Intel Processors
23 Apr 1998: IBM and Little Tikes Announce Fun and Learning Computing Product for Kids
22 Apr 1998: IBM achieves world record Web performance on RS/6000
22 Apr 1998: New IBM Technology Faster Than Deep Blue
21 Apr 1998: Service Level Agreements Announced for IP Remote Access Dial to the IBM Global Network
21 Apr 1998: IBM Enhances Network Storage Manager Family
21 Apr 1998: IBM Announces V.90 Standard Modem Support and Upgrade Policy
20 Apr 1998: IBM Announces First-Quarter 1998 Results
15 Apr 1998: IBM's Network Stations Announce Industry's First Sub-$500 NC; Demonstrates Continued Leadership in Think Client Computing
15 Apr 1998: IBM Introduces Family of PC Products for e-business
15 Apr 1998: Tivoli Management Agent Shipping on IBM Desktops, Notebooks
15 Apr 1998: IBM Announces Universal Management -- Industry's Most Comprehensive Tools to Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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