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05 May 2015: SAP, IBM Join Forces to Transform Talent Management with Complementary Industry-Leading HR Solutions
24 Apr 2015: IBM Extends Application Infrastructure and Middleware Leadership with 29.1 Percent Market Share
18 Nov 2014: IBM Verse Fuses Cloud, Social, Analytics and Design Innovation to Transform the Way We Work
04 Aug 2014: IBM and Dow Collaboration Delivers Sustainable Solutions in Ethiopia while Building Employee Leadership Skills
04 Aug 2014: IBM Delivers Analytics and Workforce Science to Help Clients Improve Organizational Performance
02 Jul 2014: IBM Unveils Cloud and On Premises Social Software to Help Clients Break Down Collaboration Barriers
24 Apr 2014: IBM Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Enterprise Social Software for Fifth Consecutive Year
12 Nov 2013: IBM Launches Talent Assessment to Help Aspiring Data Crunchers and Academia Gauge and Enhance Skills
18 Sep 2013: IBM Extends Cloud and Mobile Reach with New Social Business Offerings That Empower Global Workforces
22 Apr 2013: IBM Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Social Software for Fourth Consecutive Year
28 Jan 2013: IBM Delivers New Software and Cloud Services to Accelerate Social Business
06 Dec 2012: IBM Expands the Power of Social Business with New Cloud, Mobile Advances
12 Sep 2012: IBM Redefines Social Business with the Power of Analytics
29 Aug 2011: IBM Accelerates Social Business Adoption with New Mobile Software
25 Aug 2011: Shriram Transport Chooses IBM to Collaborate in the Cloud
22 Jun 2011: Zoo and Aquarium Association Uses IBM Cloud Technology to Support Endangered Species Program
21 Jun 2011: IBM Accelerates Social Business Initiative with New Software
21 Jun 2011: IBM Named Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Software for Businesses
01 Jun 2011: IBM to Contribute to New, Proposed Project
08 Nov 2010: IBM Social Software Improves Employee Collaboration at Bayer

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