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Date Title
06 Feb 2015: IBM Expands Global Research Network into South Africa
30 Jan 2015: IBM Research To Lead Company's Advanced Computer Chip R&D At SUNY Polytechnic Institute
28 Jan 2015: IBM Research Announces Cloud Breakthrough For Protecting Personal Data
12 Jan 2015: IBM Breaks U.S. Patent Record in 2014
28 May 2014: IBM Partners with 28 Business Schools and Universities to Help Train Tomorrow's Data Scientists
21 May 2014: Inventors of Analytics System Forerunner Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
09 Apr 2014: IBM Fellow Stuart Parkin Awarded Millennium Technology Prize for Inventing Modern-Day Data Storage
04 Apr 2014: Made in IBM Labs: Enabling Secure Notifications to Mobile Devices via the Cloud
19 Mar 2014: The New York Genome Center and IBM Watson Group Announce Collaboration to Advance Genomic Medicine
08 Aug 2013: IBM Research Creates New Foundation to Program SyNAPSE Chips
21 Mar 2013: Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Discover New Atomic Technique to Charge Memory Chips
14 Mar 2013: IBM Opens Lab to Bring R&D to the CEO
15 Jan 2013: IBM Research Team Wins Coveted Feynman Prize for Advancing Scanning Probe Microscopy
25 Jul 2012: IBM to Boost Technical Skills in Mauritius
05 Dec 2011: Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Demonstrate Future of Computing with Graphene, Racetrack and Carbon Nanotube Breakthroughs
03 Mar 2011: Bar Code Inventors to Be Inducted Into National Inventors Hall of Fame
03 Mar 2010: IBM Scientists Create Ultra-Fast Device Which Uses Light for Communication between Computer Chips
11 Feb 2010: IBM to Collaborate with Leading Australian Institutions to Push the Boundaries of Medical Research
17 Nov 2009: IBM Scientists Reinvent Medical Diagnostic Testing

1 - 19 of 19 results

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