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IBM Delivers Powerful New Servers Based on Latest Intel Xeon Processors

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ARMONK, N.Y. - 05 Nov 2002: IBM today announced powerful new eServer™ xSeries™ servers based on the latest Intel® Xeon™ processors MP. The company demonstrated the scalability of the new IBM x440™ models by achieving industry-leading performance for four-way 32-bit Intel-based servers and price/performance for eight-way systems on the TPC-C benchmark.

The servers introduced today include new models of the four-way IBM x255™ rack and tower system; new four-way models of the x360™ rack-dense server; and new four- and eight-way models of the award-winning and highly scalable x440™, with planned support for 16 processors [1]. The new eServer models are based on the latest-generation Intel Xeon processor MP, which helps provide increased performance for large business and enterprise server workloads.

Today's announcement comes as IBM continues its strong momentum in Intel processor-based servers. IBM eServer xSeries server revenue grew 22 percent year to year, comparing the third quarter of 2002 with the third quarter of 2001.

"We continue to refresh the eServer xSeries line with the latest innovations from IBM and the latest processors from Intel," said Deepak Advani, vice president, IBM eServer xSeries. "While Dell and HP have yet to deliver an eight-way system based on the Xeon processor MP, IBM continues to pioneer the 32-bit Intel server space with new four-way, eight-way and, later this quarter, 16-way systems that deliver outstanding performance and real business value."

"The new Intel Xeon processor MP delivers tremendous performance, scalability and reliability for mid-tier and back-end servers," said Mike Fister, vice president and general manager of Intel's Enterprise Platforms Group. "IBM's servers based on the Intel Xeon processor MP offer customers a compelling combination of features and innovative technologies to handle demanding enterprise deployments."

Performance Leadership
The new eight-way x440 models featuring the Intel Xeon processor MP 2.0GHz achieved 20 percent higher scores over the previous models on the TPC-C and two-tier SAP® Standard Application Sales and Distribution (SD) benchmarks -- while the base models start at the same price as the systems they replace [2].

On the Transaction Processing Performance Council's TPC-C benchmark, the eight-way x440 achieved performance of 111,024.39 transactions per minute (tpmC) and price/performance of $6.76/tpmC. This result surpasses Dell's best eight-way performance score and sets a new price/performance record for an eight-way server [3].

In a four-way configuration, the x440 achieved performance of 74,206.27 tpmC and price/performance of $5.75/tpmC, setting a new TPC-C performance record for a four-way IA-32 server [4].

On the two-tier SAP Standard Application Sales and Distribution (SD) Benchmark, the x440 achieved 690 SAP SD benchmark users with 1.95 seconds average dialog response time on a configuration of eight Intel Xeon processors MP 2.0GHz, IBM DB2® Version 7.2, and SuSE Linux 8.0 (Linux kernel 2.4.18) [5]. The IBM server achieved 15 percent more SD users than the eight-way Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V880's 600 SD users [6].

Introduced earlier this year, the x440 is an exceptionally powerful Intel processor-based server designed to meet the performance, reliability and scalability requirements of corporate data center customers. Powered by ground-breaking IBM Enterprise X-Architecture™ technology, the server offers a "building block" approach that allows customers to pay for computing power incrementally as they need it, with planned support for 16 processors.

The x360 is also designed with Enterprise X-Architecture technology and packs four processors into a slender 3U system, providing tremendous price/performance for space-constrained data centers. The x255 is a flexible, "all-in-one" four-way system that brings outstanding performance to distributed computing environments.

All IBM eServer xSeries servers support both Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Worldwide availability is planned for November 15, 2002, for the new four- and eight-processor x440 models; November 18, 2002, for the new x255 models; and December 3, 2002, for the new x360 models.