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IBM Launches IBM Business Park to Better Support Clients in Outsourcing

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SEOUL, South Korea - 10 Dec 2009: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the launch of the 'IBM Business Park,' a green data center integrated within Korea's existing Kyobo Data Center in Songdo International City, Incheon. The addition of IBM Business Park is part of the Korean government's goal to build Incheon into an international economic hub.

Through the new IBM Business Park, IBM will provide a series of information technology (IT) services including strategic outsourcing, e-business hosting and disaster recovery to more than 20 clients, including Amore Pacific, Iljin and Esquire, which have entered outsourcing agreements with IBM.  

"IBM Business Park boasts highest level of availability, safety, scalability, security, as well as efficiency assessment and designing principles of a green data center," said Won-jong Kim, General Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM Korea. "We are committed to providing the best services to support our clients to transform into smarter enterprises through innovation. 

IBM Business Park built with green technology that exceeds the average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) among any Internet data centers in Korea. It is Korea's most advanced green data center that maximizes "green effects." To save energy, it maximizes energy efficiency through the systematic roadmap whose design - including the introduction of a local cooling system - minimizes power consumption arising from excessive cooling and the application of a 90-cm thick raised access floor following the analysis of computational fluid dynamics. These features can reduce thermal energy by more than 10 percent and lower carbon emission by 26 percent. 

The data center has been built to enable improved service for customers in addition to cost optimization by applying IBM's advanced technology and standards to the entire process from operation to analysis. Specifically, it consolidates the unified control and operation system and reflects comprehensive technologies including the virtualization of servers and storages, cloud computing, and green work environment. This increases resource availability to secure more bed space and improves business flexibility to a sufficient level that enables saving opportunity costs. In addition, it allows improving business process efficiency through the improved communication environment including remote support. 

About Kyobo Data Center

With its completion ceremony held on October 22, Kyobo Data Center officially joins the ranks of Korea's best data centers that meet the global standards based on IBM's state-of-the art technology. Located at the Knowledge Information Industry Complex of Songdo New City, it is a four-story building with floor area of 10,938 square meters. Although the building may sustain major damage in case of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, it is equipped with many safety devices from redundant power supply against sudden blackout to emergency generators. Furthermore, Kyobo Data Center has optimal infrastructure and systems to manage customer information safely in any case by applying fire extinguishing system and access control system using fingerprint recognition. With its excellent safety and security as well as green technology, it truly deserves the distinction of being Korea's best data center that satisfies the global standards. 

About IBM

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