IBM Extends ThinkPad(R) 600 Series Line, Building On Industry-Leading Sales in Second Quarter

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SOMERS, NY - 12 Aug 1998: -- IBM today unveiled a new addition to its popular, award-winning ThinkPad 600 line of high-performance notebook computers, responding to industry-leading demand for ThinkPad notebooks in the second quarter of this year. The announcement comes on the heels of an Audits and Surveys study that demonstrates significant growth for IBM in the Mobile PC market.

According to US Audits and Surveys, IBM's Mobile performance in dealers was outstanding, with end-users' sales growth of two times the industry average for the second quarter of this year, a gain of six points year to year. IBM's end-user sales also showed tremendous growth -- more than four times the industry average at 89 percent. In fact, IBM grew faster than the industry average in all brands, gaining six points of share year to year, with Mobile growing at six times the industry and gaining eleven points of share year to year.

The ThinkPad 600 model 35U was released in response to customer needs for a thin, light and high performance notebook computer at a competitive price. The new model combines the power of Intel's mobile Pentium II processor with the design and features that have made IBM's newest ThinkPad 600 line so popular.

Award-Winning Performance Notebooks

"The tremendous customer response to the ThinkPad 600 series has contributed significantly to our momentum in the second quarter,"said Adalio Sanchez, general manager, IBM Mobile Computing. "The industry was ready for a slim, lightweight notebook computer with the perfect balance of performance and portability."

The ThinkPad 600 series offers an ideal solution for mobile professionals who need a performance notebook in a portable package, whether on the road or in the office. The low price of the new ThinkPad 600 -- $3,199(1) -- makes it easier than ever for customers to own a thin, lightweight mobile business tool that incorporates the latest in mobile processing power.

The ThinkPad 600 is perfect for mobile professionals who need to take their desktop computing capabilities with them in a highly portable, yet affordable, system. The new model weighs only 4.7(2) pounds and is packaged in a slim 1.4" profile. It features a Pentium II 233MHz(3) chip -- one of the fastest mobile processors currently available -- a bright 12.1-inch display, spacious 3.2GB(4) hard disk drives, full docking capabilities, integrated 56K(5) modem and a convenient front-loading bay that accepts a 24X-10X CD-ROM(6) drive or floppy disk drive, as well as new technology drives.

The latest ThinkPad 600 model adopts the key usability and durability features inherent in the 600 series, including the enhanced TrackPoint pointing device with Press-to-Select and Release-to-Select tapping features, and rubberized doors to the various ports, which greatly reduces the risk of door hinges snapping off.

Options to Expand and Enhance Your ThinkPad Experience

IBM has also announced the new SuperDisk UltraslimBay Drive for ThinkPad 600 customers who need a fast removable storage option. The new drive, featuring LS-120 technology, achieves data-transfer rates up to five-times faster than familiar 1.44MB diskette drives, and increases storage capacity up to 120MB, providing users with 83 times more storage capacity than a traditional diskette.(7)

Compatibility and versatility are important elements to data-storage/retrieval solutions. The new SuperDisk drive is backwards-compatible with 1.44MB and 720KB DOS-formatted diskettes, so ThinkPad 600 users don't have to worry about maintaining their existing data and graphic files as they upgrade to the new removable storage solution.

The SuperDisk LS-120 diskette drive can be purchased together with a ThinkPad 600 model or separately as an option. It is available today for an estimated reseller price of $229(1) and is protected by a one-year-limited warranty (8). When installed on a ThinkPad 600, an additional three-year system warranty is available.(9)

Advanced Support & Service To Protect Your ThinkPad Investment

Recognizing the unique needs of mobile users, IBM offers an unsurpassed range of service and support for its line of ThinkPad notebook computers. IBM's e-Support includes personalized Web pages, proactive e-mail, sophisticated remote repair and assistance technologies, and IBM's EasyServ courier repair service which arranges express round-trip shipping for ThinkPads that require service.

Designed to help large, small and medium-sized businesses make the most of their mobile computing investments, IBM's SystemXtra programs combine a host of technologies, services, software, training and convenient financing -- all for a single monthly invoice. SystemXtra also offers a unique technology exchange option, which enables customers to upgrade their ThinkPads anytime after 24 months. This provides access to the latest mobile technology, keeping it in the hands of skilled employees and reducing the capital outlay with specialized leasing programs.

IBM customers also can benefit from new enhancements to its Business Partner Warranty Program. All IBM Business Partners can earn higher premiums for labor reimbursements linked directly to performance, receive monthly performance report cards and reduce inventory costs through streamlined parts order processes. Customers seeking a reseller can use an IBM-sponsored Web site to find a listing of providers recognized for outstanding service.

The IBM ThinkPad 600 series is protected by IBM's stellar service and support, available 24 hours per day and seven days per week(10), and a fully-transferrable international three-year limited warranty. IBM has also recently announced two initiatives that will provide an even higher level of comprehensive, personalized service and support for ThinkPad notebook PCs. The first is a "relationship-based" approach to service and support in which teams of specially-trained IBM HelpCenter technicians will support specific ThinkPad customers, from small business to the enterprise level. The second is ThinkPad's adoption of IBM's new Knowledge Base application that provides users with Web-based access to the same information used by IBM PC HelpCenter specialists. For further service and support information, visit

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(1) Estimated Reseller Price only. Actual price to end-users may vary.

(2) Actual weight may vary.

(3) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.

(4) GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary.

(5) 56K modems are designed to be capable of receiving data at up to 56Kbps from a compatible service provider and transmitting data at up to 33.6Kbps. Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53Kbps. Actual speeds depend on many factors and are often less than the maximum possible.

(6) Variable read rate. Actual playback speed will vary and is often less than the maximum possible.

(7) Actual performance may vary.

(8) When purchased separately, support and warranty provided by vendor, not IBM.

(9) For terms and conditions or a copy of IBM's Statement of Limited Warranty call 1-800-772-2227; International Warranty Service available in those countries where IBM and IBM resellers sell ThinkPad products (registration required). EasyServ is available in North America at no additional charge during the original warranty period.

(10) Response times may vary depending on call loads. May exclude certain holidays.

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