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IBM and Business Partners Announce New Packaged AS/400 Applications to Connect Back-End Business to the Internet

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SOMERS, NY - 13 Dec 1999: -IBM today announced the first in a series of packaged end-to-end e-business applications for customers who want to connect their back-office to the Internet.

The AS/400e-Domino solutions from IBM Business Partners Binary Tree, Clear Technologies, and Emerging Technology Solutions offer a combination of hardware, software and services designed to provide small and mid-sized customers a more reliable and affordable alternative to Windows-NT based applications. The hardware includes IBM's AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino, a system specifically designed to run Lotus Domino applications.

"Traditionally, NT has been a customer-do-the-work solution that has challenged small-to-medium business users needing customization to compete with large enterprises," said Wayne Kernochan, Senior Vice President Platform and Services to the Aberdeen Group, Inc. "IBM's new AS/400e-Domino solutions tackle this problem effectively -- by providing turnkey, comprehensive packages that allow users to leverage the AS/400e's unmatched SMB back-office prowess for a broad range of e-business needs."

Customers get a new AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino and can choose one of the following software, service and integration packages:

Binary Tree's DSD Merchant - allows businesses to easily and affordably bring their merchandise and services to the Web by creating electronic store fronts and business-to-business e-commerce sites. Pricing starts at $89,000 and includes the ezMerchant Enterprise Edition 2.0 e-commerce software suite, as well as a host of service options. These options can include installation, training or site design.

Clear Technologies' DSD engage - enables companies to share critical sales information and improve customer focus. This Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution can interface with existing legacy systems including SAP, Lawson and other ERP vendors. A 20 user Enterprise CRM solution is priced at $35,000 and includes five modules giving customers access to mail, calendaring, reporting, databases for sales ads and marketing information, as well as a contact management system. Services include one year software subscription maintenance, one year engage software maintenance, and one year of helpline and onsite support.

Emerging Technologies Solutions' DSD Business-in-a-Box -- helps companies transform back-end infrastructure as well as launch an Internet front-end for communicating with employees, partners and customers. Businesses can use the ETS application to launch an online storefront, linking its entire organization with the Web. Pricing for this 50 user Enterprise Relationship Management solution starts at $64,695 and includes Business-in-a-Box (BIAB) 5.0 integrated applications, installation and configuration of Domino, Notes and BIAB, as well as data migration services.

IBM is working with other Lotus Domino application providers to offer similar packaged solutions to make it easier for businesses to automate their sales force, eliminate much of the paperwork in retail operations and perform other business related computing tasks through an affordable, easy-to-operate solution.

The AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino was built to deliver maximum value for small and mid-sized customers running multiple Domino applications simply, affordably, and with greater security and reliability than they can get in a typical PC-server configuration.

In typical PC server-based Domino implementations, customers install multiple Domino servers to handle small business workloads. With the Dedicated Server for Domino, unique partitioning and clustering functions allow customers to run Domino on one server with greater reliability and better price-performance than they have previously enjoyed.

Partitioning capabilities allow multiple Domino "servers" to run inside a single AS/400e, so customers can designate and balance the processing power and server space needed to run e-mail, groupware and web applications, without wasting server resources. Single server Domino clustering features built into the system enhance application availability through automatic fail over. If one software cluster fails, another can take over the workload without disrupting service.

IBM Financing Options
Customers can finance all elements of their AS/400e-Domino solution through IBM Global Financing, which features competitive financing at below market rates.(a) IBM Global Financing's flexible offerings make hardware, software and services more affordable for customers, with fixed monthly payments that enable them to acquire more technology and conserve capital for other investments.

For information on special financing available for e-business implementation, contact an IBM representative.

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(a) Rates based on credit ratings, terms and options. Other restrictions may apply.

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