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Imagine a technology that works so well, you never even know you’re using it. A “behind the scenes” technology remains just as relevant and crucial to everyday operations today as it was 50 years ago: the mainframe computer. From the ATM to the doctor’s office to the traffic light grid to the police department, the mainframe has been and remains one of the most important technological innovations with an impact that reaches almost every aspect of everyday life. While the average consumer doesn’t physically see or touch a mainframe like they do a tablet or mobile device, the technology that sparked a revolution in computing and business that still impacts consumers on a daily basis.

IBM will officially celebrate the introduction of the mainframe with its Mainframe50 global event on April 7 and 8. At the event, IBM will look at what new innovations are coming to the mainframe, real-world stories from mainframe users and officially announce the winner of the Global Master the Mainframe competition.

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News releases
Date Title
02 Jul 2014 Vissensa Selects IBM Enterprise Cloud System to Improve Performance and Deliver New Services for Customers
08 Apr 2014 IBM Debuts new Mobile, Storage and Hadoop Offerings for the Mainframe
08 Apr 2014 IBM Brings New Cloud Offerings, Research Projects and Pricing Plans to the Mainframe
04 Mar 2014 IBM Premieres New Master the Mainframe World Championship
23 Jul 2013 IBM Boosts zEnterprise Mainframe Portfolio to Help Clients Build Better Customer Experiences
09 Jul 2013 IBM Accelerates Cloud Computing on System z with Acquisition of CSL International


  • Teacher and students in front of computers

    IBM Engages Students With Premiere of Master the Mainframe World Championship

    Date added: 04 Mar 2014

    Seth Reichelson, a teacher at Lake Brantley High School in Florida, with students during a mainframe programming class. IBM’s Master the Mainframe Contest has enabled over 68,000 students to take charge of world-class enterprise platforms and showcase their talents while learning sought-after computing skills. (Credit: IBM)

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