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IBM Innovate 2011

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Everything we do, see, or experience - every plan, product, and process - is touched by the power of software. The time has come for software to be recognized for what it truly is: a strategic business asset. Innovate 2011 is the event that recognizes, celebrates and enables the development and delivery of software – and not only as a key accelerator for growth, but also as the defining competitive differentiator. And since Software is Everyware – as well as the invisible thread weaving our world together – it has never been more critical.

To learn more about IBM business partners and their news announcements at INNOVATE 2011, please click here.

News releases
Date Title
06 Jun 2011 IBM Introduces New Offerings to Accelerate Global Software Development

Contact(s) for the Press kit

Mary Rose Greenough
IBM Media Relations

John Connolly
IBM Media Relations