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We are entering into a new era of product and service innovation, where the integration of software, mechanical and electronic technologies are driving unprecedented advancements. However, as software becomes the invisible thread driving much of this innovation, it is also introducing new complexities and challenges that companies must address. Clearly, the successful businesses of the future will be those that build a strong competency in software. At the INNOVATE 2010 conference in Orlando, Florida, IBM will announce several new initiatives and collaborations to help organizations better design, develop and manage innovative products and services.

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News releases
Date Title
09 Jun 2010 IBM Announces 2010 Rational Business Partner Award Winners
08 Jun 2010 IBM Launches New Security Solutions, Extends Secure by Design Initiative
07 Jun 2010 IBM to Provide Technology Design and Development Solutions for New City of Babcock Ranch
07 Jun 2010 IBM Addresses Complexity in Automotive Systems
07 Jun 2010 IBM Announces New Offerings to Help Organizations Drive Innovation While Managing Cost and Risk

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IBM's Software Group VP Meg Selfe talks about how software is the "invisible thread" of today’s product and service innovation. A new generation of "smarter" products — embedded with increasingly sophisticated software -- is able to connect to other devices and respond intelligently to user needs and is transforming the way the world works. These products are the building blocks of smarter solutions in every industry, from hospitals to manufacturing to the energy grid. Managing the invisible thread of software and systems that makes these smarter products possible requires an unprecedented level of coordination among the companies, partners and customers who design, deliver and manage them. Duration: 4:47 minutes