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What does IBM Make in 2008

What Does IBM Make Large Banner In addition to its many acquisitions, IBM has made many strategic divestitures over the years (typewriters, hard disk drives, PCs, etc.), leaving some to wonder what it is that IBM still makes for consumers.  This press kit highlights some of the specific IBM innovations that touch consumers nearly every day.  Each subject is presented in a fun and easily digestible format that illustrates what IBM makes and where we’re providing innovations that matter to our clients and to the world.   "What Does IBM Make?" focuses on the most pressing social topics of the day: healthcare, energy and the environment, transportation, the global supply chain, telecommunications and more.
News releases
Date Title
13 Nov 2008 IBM Extends Capabilities of Traceability Solution With Cognos Business Intelligence Software
13 Aug 2008 Automotive 2020 Global Study: New Breed of Consumers Seek Intelligent, Connected and Hybrid Vehicles in 'Virtual Garages'
09 Jul 2008 IBM and Matiq to Develop First of a Kind Tracking Solution for the Norwegian Food Industry
10 Jun 2008 IBM Continues to Help City of Stockholm Significantly Reduce Inner City Road Traffic
15 May 2008 IBM World Community Grid "Supercomputer" to Tackle Rice Crisis
17 Apr 2008 Country Energy to Tackle Carbon Emissions Through Development of Intelligent Network With IBM
25 Feb 2008 IBM and Partners Utilizing SOA Strategy to Help Healthcare Providers Improve Efficiency and Patient Care
13 Feb 2008 IBM Technology Used by MIB, Inc. to Protect Insurers and Consumers Against Fraud
27 Jul 2007 Planes, Trains and Automobiles
26 Jun 2007 Made in IBM Labs: IBM Researches Cars With "Reflex" Technology
11 Apr 2007 IBM Names CenterPoint Energy as Founding Member of Coalition Focused on Intelligent Utility Networks
25 Apr 2007 Pepco Holdings Joins IBM for Intelligent Utility Network Coalition

Contact(s) for the Press kit

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IBM Media Relations
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Louis Lazarus
IBM Media Relations
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