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Tomorrow At Work: News You Can Use in Your Work Life


What will tomorrow bring? It's what we all want to know more than anything else. Of all our aspirations, the one that may well have the greatest influence over our lives is career and work experience. An individual's person's job, skills and work style and professional skills often define them more than any other characteristics.  Having success in one's chosen career is a key to overall well-being. Anticipating what the next work world will bring --- and preparing for it today --- gives people the best chance for success.

It's often stated, "We can't predict the future." At IBM, we can.

Tomorrow at Work is a view of the future that people all over the world can use to plan or enhance their careers, and work experiences and the working environment of their employees based on current and anticipated trends in technology and work styles.

News releases
Date Title
30 Sep 2008 Tomorrow at Work: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Expands to New Markets With iPhone(TM), Security Software
17 Sep 2008 IBM Opens Center for Social Software
17 Sep 2008 IBM and iEnterprises Integrate Business Social Networking for CRM

Contact(s) for the Press kit

Mike Azzi
IBM Media Relations