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New Category of Server for Web 2.0 Computing

New Category of Server for Web 2.0 Computing Small Banner

IBM today announced an entirely new category of server to address the growing Web 2.0 industry.  Today, the companies behind the Internet rely on massive, sprawled out data centers that are pushing the limits of power and space available to them. In response to these challenges, IBM developed iDataPlex to use 40% less power, increase by 5X the amount of computing done in the same space and run without air conditioning. With iDataPlex, IBM is making Web 2.0-style computing more efficient and commercializing it for Internet companies and other high performance segments like financial services and research.

News releases
Date Title
27 Jun 2008 Microsoft Deploys IBM iDataPlex in High Performance Computing Labs
14 Aug 2008 University of Toronto to Acquire Canada's Most Powerful Supercomputer from IBM
23 Sep 2008 New NASA Supercomputer Will Play Critical Role as Scientists Simulate Climate, Weather and Solar Activity
09 Oct 2008 New IBM Servers to Power Merrill Lynch
23 Apr 2008 IBM Debuts New Category of Server for Web 2.0 Computing
23 Apr 2008 IBM Global Financing to Provide Funding for New IBM Server Line


  • Breakthrough Energy Efficiency

    Breakthrough Energy Efficiency

    Date added: 23 Apr 2008

    IBM used thermal analysis to test and create "Green" configurations of iDataPlex that deliver optimal efficiency. The right side of this picture shows an iDataPlex rack that has been so optimized.

  • No Air Conditioning Required

    No Air Conditioning Required

    Date added: 23 Apr 2008

    iDataPlex can run at room temperature -- no air conditioning required -- when used with a watercooled option. Without watercooling iDataplex is still at least 20% cooler then the conventional rack approach. This photo was taken in IBM's Thermal Lab, showing the iDataPlex without the liquid cooled door (red) and with it (blue).

  • IBM iDataPlex

    IBM iDataPlex

    Date added: 23 Apr 2008

    iDataPlex uses 40 percent less power while increasing the amount of computing that can be done 5X. To achieve these breakthroughs IBM created a design that, among other things, turns the standard rack on its side.

  • Made to Order

    Made to Order

    Date added: 23 Apr 2008

    Each iDataPlex system will be made to order and arrive to the client integrated and ready to run from the factory. Clients can choose from 22 possible configurations, with a menu of networking, switch, storage and server options, including the iDataPlex DX340 server shown here.

Contact(s) for the Press kit

Joanna Brewer
IBM Media Relations
Phone: 415-545-2270
Cell: 415-971-2777

Vineeta Durani
IBM Media Relations
Phone: 415-545-2350
Cell: 415-218-3494