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IBM Takes Blades to the Office

IBM Takes Blades to the Office

IBM BladeCenter S, designed for small and medium businesses and distributed enterprises, is the only blade solution truly able to run in an office or store. BladeCenter S can enable clients to reduce energy bills by 25 percent, cut noise in the office in half, and run desk-side instead of in a data center.

With new, industry-first shared storage, clients can share data across all blade servers in the system and run any application they want on BladeCenter S. It's no surprise then that over 4,000 retail stores will run operations on BladeCenter S by the holiday season.

News releases
Date Title
01 Oct 2008 IBM Delivers Breakthrough Storage Capability on Blade Computing Solution Designed for the Office
04 Oct 2007 IBM Brings Efficiency -- and Quiet -- to the Front Office


  • BladeCenter S Designed for the Office

    IBM BladeCenter S

    Date added: 13 Jan 2008

    IBM BladeCenter S can plug into a standard 110 volt power outlet, be secured anywhere in the store and simplify management of the applications most commonly used in retail environments.

  • IBM Bringing Blade Computing to Smaller Firms

    IBM Bringing Blade Computing to Smaller Firms

    Date added: 13 Jun 2007

    IBM’s introduction of a slimmer new blade system will provide smaller firms a solution optimized for their business, breaking the cycle of adding low-end servers each time they need to support a new function or purchasing enterprise-level systems too large and costly for their needs.

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