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  • 20 & 50 Qubit Arrays

    20 & 50 Qubit Arrays

    Date added: 2017-11-10

    Figure 1. A) Schematic of 20 qubit system, and B) 50 qubit system illustrating qubit interconnectivity. This complex interconnect fabric permits maximum flexibility for IBM Q systems. The 50 qubit is the natural extension of the 20 qubit architecture. C) Photograph of the quantum processor package for the first IBM Q systems. The processor features improvements in superconducting qubit design, connectivity and packaging. (Credit: IBM)



  • IBM 7 Qubit Device

    IBM 7 Qubit Device

    Date added: 2017-09-13

    IBM scientists have developed a new approach to simulate molecules on a quantum computer that may one day help revolutionize chemistry and materials science. The scientists successfully used six qubits on a purpose-built seven-qubit quantum processor to address the molecular structure problem for beryllium hydride (BeH2) – the largest molecule simulated on a quantum computer to date. The results demonstrate a path of exploration for near-term quantum systems to enhance our understanding of complex chemical reactions that could lead to practical applications. (Credit: Credit: Kandala et al.; Nature)



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