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  • Go With the Flow

    Go With the Flow

    Date added: 2015-07-06

    Scientists at Tsinghua University in China use IBM's World Community Grid to discover the conditions necessary for moving water through carbon nanotubes 300% faster without requiring additional energy. The discovery has implications for more efficient water filtration. Scientists used massive computing power from volunteers to create simulations of water flow at the molecular level with astonishing detail. (Credit: Tsinghua University)



  • Good Vibrations

    Good Vibrations

    Date added: 2015-07-06

    Under the right conditions, atoms vibrating naturally within carbon nanotubes can speed water through its narrow passages up to 300% faster. This could make water purification more efficient. Simulations were made possible by the enormous power provided by IBM's World Community Grid, a virtual, globally crowdsourced supercomputer. (Credit: World Community Grid)



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