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    Vulnerability Disclosures Growth by Year

    Date added: 2011-03-31

    IBM documented more than 8,000 new vulnerabilities, a 27 percent rise from 2009. Public exploit releases were also up 21 percent from 2009 to 2010. This data points to an expanding threat landscape in which sophisticated attacks are being launched against increasingly complex computing environments.



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    Total Mobile Operating System Vulnerabilities

    Date added: 2011-03-31

    As end user adoption of smart phones and other mobile devices increases, IT security departments have struggled to determine the right way to bring these devices safely into corporate networks. Although attacks against the latest generation of mobile devices were not yet widely prevalent in 2010, X-Force data shows a rise in vulnerability disclosures and exploits that target these devices.



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    Screen Shot of Maximo Spatial

    Date added: 2011-02-28

    Cities around the world use IBM software for a geospatial context so their engineers can visually identify “hot spots” of repairs and make better decisions on how best to restore service.




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