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  • IBM Heat Map

    IBM Heat Map

    Date added: 2013-07-24

    IBM digital experience software combines with IBM customer experience management capabilities so marketing professionals can analyze customer activity on a specific channel, such as a mobile device. With these unique views, marketers can gauge the behavior of customers across all digital channels, identify patterns and then adjust the digital experience based on this insight to improve the quality and appeal of the user's experience. (Credit: IBM)



  • RAWBANK in the Congo Expands Banking services to include SMS

    RAWBANK in the Congo Expands Banking services to include SMS

    Date added: 2012-11-20

    RAWBANK has deployed IBM's Smarter Computing Solutions including a mix of IBM software and hardware that enables the bank to extend the range of products and services offered to its clients. RAWBANK clients can now access banking services on their mobile phones via text messages. (Credit: IBM)



  • Trend Study graph on emergining technologies thumbnail

    Midmarket IT Implementation Plans - Emerging Technologies

    Date added: 2009-07-06

    A new IBM study of midmarket companies demonstrates the growing role of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, green IT, and social media -- areas that were not even included in a similar IBM study conducted in 2007. While lower on the scale of critical priorities, midmarket companies are actively pursuing several emerging technology areas to improve performance.



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