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    Social Networks and Discovery (SaND): Showing Six Degrees of Separation

    Date added: 2009-03-12

    SaND combines social discovery and social networking into one platform, highlighting relationships between people by searching and analyzing a wealth of information and tags found in a variety of data sources from papers to patents and blog posts to social applications, Lotus Connections and more. This research technology does more than suggest that you should connect to someone; it has the ability to show underlying relationships and provide levels of context to how you may be connected to someone. You can also build applications such as unified search, recommendation and personalization systems, expertise locators, and more with this framework.




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    Privacy-aware MarketPlace: The Ultimate In Privacy Management

    Date added: 2009-03-12

    Privacy-aware MarketPlace is designed to provide total control over privacy settings on social networking sites. Based on privacy models and algorithms, this software takes advantage of the social graphs used by Facebook, Orkut, OpenSocial and other social networks to construct stronger privacy protection. This application lets users calculate their "Privacy Score," much like a credit score, and recommends privacy settings. We’ll show how you could resell a gift received from friends in your social network without embarrassing them or to search for a job without letting your current employer know about it of coworkers are in his network. Try PaMP at




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