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  • IBM NeXtScale System Chassis front fully loaded

    IBM NeXtScale System Chassis front fully loaded

    Date added: 2013-09-10

    NeXtScale is designed to scale and grow along with data center needs in order to protect and maximize IT investments. Built for flexibility, NeXtScale can be purchased as a single node, an empty or configured chassis, or in full racks as a complete pre-tested IBM Intelligent Cluster solution, delivered fully configured and ready to power on. (Credit: IBM)



  • IBM NeXtScale System - nx360M4 server node

    IBM NeXtScale System - nx360M4 server node

    Date added: 2013-09-10

    NeXtScale System is designed specifically to run applications with the power of a supercomputer in any data center, via a flexible, simple, open architecture. Based on open standards, it delivers high performance and high efficiency, and is designed to blend seamlessly with clients' data centers, current practices and x86 tools. (Credit: IBM)



  • BRABUS custom interiors

    BRABUS custom interiors

    Date added: 2013-07-02

    BRABUS has a global reputation and a leading market position in customization, primarily Mercedes-Benz, but it also upgrades other brands of cars, aircraft and yachts. With their new Car Configurator running on the Black Point Arts Cloud City and powered by IBM PureSystems, BRABUS will be able to handle increases in data volumes, improve response times related to images and videos on their website, and increase access to content for their customers. (Credit: BRABUS)



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