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  • IBM Puts Big Data in the Palm of Your Hand

    Infographic: IBM Puts Big Data in the Palm of Your Hand

    Date added: 2014-05-19

    In Las Vegas, Nevada, IBM scientists announced that they set a new record for storing massive amounts of Big Data on tape -- a significant update to one of the computer industry's most resilient, reliable and affordable data storage technologies. The new record of 154 terabytes is a 62 fold improvement over current tape technology. To put this into perspective, 154 terabytes is sufficient to store the text from 154 million books, which would fill a book shelf stretching from Las Vegas to Seattle, Washington. (courtesy: IBM)



  • The IBM POWER8 Processor

    The IBM POWER8 Processor

    Date added: 2014-04-23

    Shown above is the new IBM POWER8 processor, which gives POWER8 Systems the ability to harness Big Data. The sliver of silicon measures just one square inch, and is embedded with more than 4 billion microscopic transistors and more than 11 miles of high-speed copper wiring. (Jack Plunkett/Feature Photo Service for IBM)




  • 2 people leaning towards a Power System

    POWER8 in the Data Center

    Date added: 2014-04-23

    IBM Power Engineers Andrew Geissler (left) and Adriana Zobylak (right) work on the new POWER8 stack. The first POWER8-based systems to debut are five Power Systems S-Class servers designed for large, scale-out computing environments. The new line-up features industry-leading server quality and utilization levels, redefining today’s data center economics by helping to reduce floor space, power and cooling costs. (Jack Plunkett/Feature Photo Service for IBM)




  • IBM Business Partner Installs POWER8

    IBM Business Partner Installs POWER8

    Date added: 2014-04-23

    Doug Hill, Barry Bernu, and Paul Manuel (shown from left to right) of Evolving Solutions, a premier IBM Business Partner, install a new IBM Power Systems server into the company’s data center in Minnesota. With the new Power Systems, Evolving Solutions will help clients manage massive data requirements of Big Data and Analytics from its new open server platform. (Andy C King/Feature Photo Service for IBM)




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