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  • IBM Power Systems S812L

    IBM Power Systems S812L

    Date added: 2014-04-23

    With the release of these S Class servers, IBM delivers the first viable, open alternative to PC-era technology and creates a processing platform for new innovation, flexibility, and diverse capability from across the vast computing ecosystem. Shown here is the IBM Power Systems S812L, which runs Linux exclusively. (D. Earl Stence/Feature Photo Service for IBM)




  • BRABUS custom interiors

    BRABUS custom interiors

    Date added: 2013-07-02

    BRABUS has a global reputation and a leading market position in customization, primarily Mercedes-Benz, but it also upgrades other brands of cars, aircraft and yachts. With their new Car Configurator running on the Black Point Arts Cloud City and powered by IBM PureSystems, BRABUS will be able to handle increases in data volumes, improve response times related to images and videos on their website, and increase access to content for their customers. (Credit: BRABUS)



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