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  • IBM Powering Linux Innovation

    IBM Powering Linux Innovation

    Date added: 2013-05-14

    The first IBM Power Systems Linux Center will provide clients, business partners, academics, and students with hands-on support to speed up Linux adoption on IBM Power Systems. Launched today in Beijing, the new center will help programmers create new applications for big data, cloud, mobile and social business computing. (Credit: IBM )



  • Using Data to Drive Online Sales

    Using Data to Drive Online Sales

    Date added: 2013-02-06

    Zoran Lemut., CIO of Slovenia's leading pharmaceutical company Kemofarmacijia, increased his company's online sales orders by 30 percent after gaining valuable insight on his customers' buying preferences. According to Lemut, "using cloud technologies and IBM analytics, we are now able to offer online promotions and display ads that accurately reflect when and what our customers need." Lemut is pictured next to the company's IBM Power 720 Express server. IBM announced February 5th a new line-up of Power Express servers with pricing starting at $5947. (CREDIT: IBM)



  • New IBM Power Systems for Small Businesses

    New IBM Power Systems for Small Businesses

    Date added: 2013-02-05

    IBM technician Steve Mallmann performs a quality check on a new IBM Power 740 Express system infused with the latest POWER7+ chip technology. IBM unveiled new Power Systems for SMBs and growth market companies tuned for big data and cloud computing. (Credit: IBM)



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