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  • IBM Silicon Photonics

    IBM Silicon Photonics

    Date added: 2015-05-12

    Cassette carrying several hundred chips intended for 100 Gb/s transceivers, diced from wafers fabricated with IBM CMOS Integrated Nano-Photonics Technology. The dense monolithic integration of optical and electrical circuits and the scalable manufacturing process provide a cost-effective silicon photonics interconnect solution, suitable for deployment in cloud servers, datacenters, and supercomputers. (US quarter coin shown for scale.) Credit: IBM



  • IBM Genomics

    IBM collaborates with More Than a Dozen Cancer Centers

    Date added: 2015-05-05

    Norman Sharpless, MD, director, University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center examines DNA sequencing data. University of North Carolina and a dozen other cancer centers are collaborating with IBM to apply Watson to the DNA data of cancer patients. A single patient’s genome represents more than 100 gigabytes of data. Watson could help oncologists translate that data to into targeted treatment options for cancer patients. (Credit: Jared Lazarus/Feature Photo Service for IBM)



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