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  • IBM Introduces 2014 Class of Fellows

    IBM Introduces 2014 Class of Fellows

    Date added: 2014-04-02

    IBM (NYSE: IBM) has elevated a record number of eleven scientists to the IBM Fellow honor, the company’s most prestigious technical distinction. The 2014 Fellows will be responsible for carrying out the Technology Ambassador Initiative, which is to drive growth through innovation and is directly tied to the roots of the IBM program. The Fellow honor acknowledges an IBM Researcher's important contributions and industry-leading innovations in developing some of the world's most important technologies. In the true spirit of Thomas J. Watson’s vision to give IBM fellows creative freedom and responsibility, the 2014 IBM Fellows have influenced a broad array of technologies in the following areas: Brain-inspired cognitive computing, security platforms, computational science, cloud computing, business database and analytics, and high performance, enterprise storage technologies. IBM Fellows have a history of pushing the boundaries of science and technology to deliver improved solutions for constantly changing, global business needs.  Left to Right: Krishna Ratakonda, Dharmendra Modha, Mike Haydock, Saska Mojsilovic, Alessandro Curioni, Rhonda Childress, Sandy Bird, Namik Hrle, Tamar Eilam, Andy Walls, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan  




  • IBM Watson NYGC for Wire

    IBM's Watson to Help Unlock Life-saving Insights from Cancer Patient DNA

    Date added: 2014-03-19

    New York, NY/March 19, 2014 - Dr. Robert Darnell (left), CEO of the New York Genome Center, and Dr. Ajay Royyuru, Director of the IBM Computational Biology Center (right) discuss how IBM's Watson will be used to make sense of vast amounts of genetic sequencing data and medical information to identify personalized treatments for cancer patients, at an event at the New York Genome Center in New York City on March 19, 2014. IBM and NYGC will soon begin testing a Watson prototype designed specifically for genomic research to help oncologists deliver unique, customized cancer treatments according to an individual patient's DNA. Photo Credit: Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM.



  • Watson food truck

    IBM Watson Food Truck Serves Up Culinary Creativity at South by Southwest

    Date added: 2014-03-06

    In Austin, Texas, the IBM Watson Food Truck is serving up exotic dishes that explore computing's culinary creativity, at South by Southwest (SXSW), Thursday, March 6, 2014, Austin, TX. The recipes were created through a collaboration between IBM Watson and award-winning chefs at New York's Institute of Culinary Education. The IBM Watson Food Truck will be located at the corner of Red River Street & 4th Street (across from Convention Center) from March 7-11. (Feature Photo Service)




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