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  • Merge Sophisticated, Predictive Analytics with Twitter Data

    Merge Sophisticated, Predictive Analytics with Twitter Data

    Date added: 2015-03-17

    Watson Analytics can give business professionals the ability to immediately pull Twitter data into any project in order to identify and explain hidden patterns and relationships to accelerate the understanding of why things happen and what's likely to happen. This screen grab shows how a manger at of a grocery store could use Watson Analytics to analyze relevant tweets and generate powerful, interactive visualizations that highlight the various factors, or complex combination of factors driving new customers to the store. (Credit: IBM)



  • IBM CEO Discusses Growing Partner Ecosystem

    IBM CEO Discusses Growing Partner Ecosystem

    Date added: 2015-02-11

    Las Vegas, NV/February, 11, 2015/FPSnewswire-- In Las Vegas, NV at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, IBM Chairman and CEO, Ginni Rometty addresses 1,500 IBM business partners about how IBM can help them accelerate a move to strategic growth areas of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security. In the past year, IBM recruited and developed more than 9,500 new business partners, creating a dynamic partner ecosystem designed to make it easier to build more profitable lines of business. (Feature Photo Service)




  • POWER8 in the Data Center

    POWER8 in the Data Center

    Date added: 2014-06-10

    IBM Power Engineers Andrew Geissler (left) and Adriana Zobylak (right) perform a quality check on a stack of new Power Systems servers, the first to incorporate IBM's POWER8 open processor technology. Available on Tuesday, June 10, the new servers are designed for large, scale-out computing environments. The new line-up features industry-leading server quality and utilization levels, redefining today’s data center economics by helping to reduce floor space, power and cooling costs. (credit: Jack Plunkett/Feature Photo Service for IBM)



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