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  • IBM P6 300mm Wafer

    IBM POWER6 Microprocessor, 300mm Wafer

    Date added: 2007-05-21

    IBM POWER6 -- Hundreds of IBM POWER6 microprocessors on a silicon wafer. The wafer is cut into individual chips that are then packaged and then built into new IBM servers that offer twice the performance with virtually no increase in energy consumption. Each chip has two cores, runs at speeds up to 4.7 GHz, and contains 790 million transistors.




  • IBM POWER6 Systems

    IBM POWER6 Systems

    Date added: 2007-05-21

    IBM POWER6 Systems -- The first IBM System p 570 servers are readied for delivery to clients at IBM's Rochester, Minnesota manufacturing facility. POWER6 has the bandwidth to download the entire iTunes catalog in one minute. The processor provides twice the performance of previous chips with virtually no increase in power consumption.






    Date added: 2007-05-21

    IBM POWER6 -- IBM's new POWER6 chip is a 64 bit, dual-core processor with 790 million transistors running at up to 4.7 GHz and eight megabytes of on chip Level 2 cache. The company today launched its first new POWER6 server, the IBM System p 570, which has set 25 performance benchmark records across a broad range of business and technical applications.



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