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  • IBM Behavior-based Customer Insight Solution for Banking

    IBM Behavior-based Customer Insight Solution for Banking

    Date added: 2015-05-28

    IBM Behavior-based Customer Insight solution for banking helps to personalize customer engagement and deliver customized actions for a more unique digital banking experience. The solution helps answer important banking industry questions like: how many months after major auto repair spending is the average request for a new car loan?, Do customers who spend more than $500 eating out each month have more overdrafts? or How often do customers who buy a new house apply for more personal credit in the three months after purchasing the house? (Credit: IBM)



  • IBM Lift Analytics Solutions for Retail

    IBM Lift Analytics Solutions for Retail

    Date added: 2015-05-28

    IBM Lift Analytics solution for retail helps merchants and marketers understand direct and indirect incremental performance impact - the "lift" - from individual products or categories to improve assortment, placement, pricing and promotional decisions. Using this solution, retailers can quickly address and act on questions such as: What is the likely impact on sales of other products or product lines if makeup brushes are removed from the assortment?, or Which merchandise lines present the greatest opportunities for cross promotion with women's clothing to mid-tier customer segments? (Credit: IBM)



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