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  • IBM Achieves New Deep Learning Breakthrough

    IBM Achieves New Deep Learning Breakthrough

    Date added: 2017-08-08

    A team of IBM scientists, led by IBM Fellow Hillery Hunter (pictured), invented breakthrough Deep Learning software and posted record test results showing a leap forward in performance that reduces the wait-time associated with Deep Learning training from days or hours to minutes or seconds. IBM's new Deep Learning software can to enable many advances, such as faster, more accurate analysis of medical images or improved fraud detection or enhanced speech recognition in mobile phones and AI assistants. (Credit: IBM)




  • Figure from the study

    Figure from the study

    Date added: 2017-07-21

    Here, we see the regions of the brain that showed a statistically significant difference between patients with schizophrenia and patients without it. For example, arrow 1 identifies the precentral gyrus, or the motor cortex, and arrow 5 marks the precuneus, which involves processing visual information. (Credit: IBM)



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