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  • Zitouna Bank Chooses IBM Cloud for Transformation

    Zitouna Bank Chooses IBM Cloud for Transformation

    Date added: 2014-06-17

    Zitouna Bank's headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia. The bank selected IBM cloud capabilities to transform its core banking platform and develop new services for customers, such as mobile and Internet banking. These capabilities are based on IBM Power Systems and other servers, IBM PowerVM virtualization software, IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems, and IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack cloud management software. IBM Global Technology Services is providing implementation, maintenance and disaster recovery services, as well as training for the bank’s staff (Credit: Zitouna Bank and IBM)



  • IBM Puts Big Data in the Palm of Your Hand

    Infographic: IBM Puts Big Data in the Palm of Your Hand

    Date added: 2014-05-19

    In Las Vegas, Nevada, IBM scientists announced that they set a new record for storing massive amounts of Big Data on tape -- a significant update to one of the computer industry's most resilient, reliable and affordable data storage technologies. The new record of 154 terabytes is a 62 fold improvement over current tape technology. To put this into perspective, 154 terabytes is sufficient to store the text from 154 million books, which would fill a book shelf stretching from Las Vegas to Seattle, Washington. (courtesy: IBM)



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