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  • IBM and Bon Appétit Serve Up Chef Watson for All

    IBM and Bon Appétit Serve Up Chef Watson for All

    Date added: 2015-06-23

    Following their collaboration a year ago to develop a cognitive computing cooking app and test it with home cooks as part of a beta program, IBM and Bon Appetit have opened up the web app to anyone interested in expanding his or her imagination in the kitchen. The app is built with knowledge gained from training Watson to understand the 10,000 recipes from the Bon Appétit database, what it has learned about food chemistry and human taste preferences, and it also integrates the valuable input shared by users who participated in the beta. Over the last year IBM and Bon Appétit have also evolved the app’s design based on how users wanted to collaborate with Chef Watson as part of their creative process. Today, people can start to discover new flavor profiles with as little as one ingredient. Based on that input, Chef Watson suggests three other ingredients that it predicts go well together. Chef Watson brings these flavor inspirations a step closer to the table by suggesting dish ideas, ingredient amounts, and preparation steps that serve as a starting point for the cook to customize, try in the kitchen, and share with friends. (Credit: IBM)



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