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  • IBM Watson Then and Now

    IBM Watson Then and Now

    Date added: 2015-09-24

    Watson represents an entirely new model of computing—‘cognitive.’ It understands all types of data, it isn’t programmed, it learns. Watson has been put to work in diverse industries with clients and through an open developer platform. IBM continues to expand Watson’s abilities, enabling partners to bring their own creativity and aspirations as they build their businesses with cognitive. (Credit: IBM)



  • IBM Watson & Partners are Building Cognitive

    IBM Watson & Partners are Building Cognitive

    Date added: 2015-09-24

    San Francisco - On September 24, 2015, at IBM's newly announced "Watson West" hub, the company unveiled it is making new Watson APIs available to developers, entrepreneurs and businesses. In addition, more than a 100 partners, from an increasing number of industries and professions, are in-market with their own cognitive-powered apps. Amy Gross, President & Founder of VineSleuth collaborates with researcher Vinith Misra of IBM Watson on the design of a cognitive-enabled app that provides shoppers with individualized wine recommendations. (Photo courtesy of Tony Avelar/Feature Photo Service for IBM)



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