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  • A Bright Idea

    A Bright Idea

    Date added: 2013-06-24

    IBM's World Community Grid made it possible for the Harvard Clean Energy Project to conduct the most extensive investigation of quantum chemicals ever performed. This has yielded information on millions of new organic compounds, some of which can one day be developed into low cost, highly efficient solar cells. Harvard is open sourcing the information it compiled on these compounds, which scientists are invited to continue investigating. Image courtesy of Harvard Clean Energy Project.



  • Ugandan Boy Enjoys Water from a Tap

    Ugandan Boy Enjoys Water from a Tap

    Date added: 2013-06-06

    A Ugandan boy enjoys drinking clean water at a waterpoint in a suburb of Kampala as the Ugandan Government signs the first Water Cost Index deal in Africa with Waterfund and IBM. The Water Cost Index will support Uganda in attracting financing for its water infrastructure projects key for driving the country's economic growth and the agricultural, tourism and the emerging oil and gas sector in Uganda. Photo Credit: Ronald Kabuubi/Feature Photo Service for IBM



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