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  • IBM Logo

    IBM Logo

    Date added: 2015-07-08

    The IBM logo is the intellectual property of IBM. The image file of the IBM logo on this page is available only for editorial use by press agencies, journalists and students in connection with broadcast media and newspaper, news magazine, trade publication and educational articles concerning International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”) and its products and services. Any other use of this logo image is strictly prohibited. The IBM logo may not be used for any personal or commercial purposes. Your use of any materials posted herein is also subject to the IBM Terms of Use found at Journalists and students who would like to use IBM trademarks in connection with news stories and reports must observe the following guidelines and restrictions: 1) Do not create your own version of the IBM logo. 2) The IBM Logo must remain distinct and separate. Always allow a ‘safe space’ around the logotype that is equal to or greater than the height of the IBM Logo in use. 3) Do not place the IBM Logo on active backgrounds that may reduce legibility. 4) Do not use the IBM Logo in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame, disparage or harm the reputation of IBM. 5) The IBM logo may not be used in such a way as to attribute to IBM a product or service not actually originating from IBM. 6) Always include trademark attribution on the page where the logo is being used or in the legal attribution segment of the publication. 7) Attribution statement: IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. 8) Do not change the size, color or proportion of the artwork provided. 9) Do not use the logo within the structure of a sentence, within a title or in conjunction with another company’s logo. The IBM logo, if used as a linking device on the Internet must always link to 10) The IBM logo may not be placed or applied in a manner which may cause confusion as to the source or origin of the communication. For instance, our logo may not be incorporated into the article identity, name or imagery. 11) The IBM logo must be used in context to the article where it is displayed (the reason for its use should be apparent). 12) Always use the approved IBM Blue Color Specifications: Pantone equivalent: PMS 2718C; Process equivalent: Cyan 75%, Magenta 43%, Yellow 0%, Black 0%; RGB equivalent: Red 90, Green 135, Blue 197; Broadcast equivalent: Red 22%, Green 42%, Blue 70%. Use of the IBM logo in any other manner not described above requires written approval from IBM. Please submit the nature of your request using the following link ( and a representative from IBM will contact you if any additional information is needed. Please allow a minimum of 20 business days for review completion.




  • Go With the Flow

    Go With the Flow

    Date added: 2015-07-06

    Scientists at Tsinghua University in China use IBM's World Community Grid to discover the conditions necessary for moving water through carbon nanotubes 300% faster without requiring additional energy. The discovery has implications for more efficient water filtration. Scientists used massive computing power from volunteers to create simulations of water flow at the molecular level with astonishing detail. (Credit: Tsinghua University)



  • Good Vibrations

    Good Vibrations

    Date added: 2015-07-06

    Under the right conditions, atoms vibrating naturally within carbon nanotubes can speed water through its narrow passages up to 300% faster. This could make water purification more efficient. Simulations were made possible by the enormous power provided by IBM's World Community Grid, a virtual, globally crowdsourced supercomputer. (Credit: World Community Grid)



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