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  • IBM Corporate Service Community Day In Angola

    IBM Corporate Service Community Day In Angola

    Date added: 2013-10-24

    Lorena Paulina Reyes Blanco; a member of the first IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) team to Angola working with a student from the Universidade Metodista De Angola during the Leadership workshop for the Angola CSC Team's Community Day event. (Credit: IBM)



  • Enhancing Tourism in Angola

    Enhancing Tourism in Angola

    Date added: 2013-10-24

    Members of the IBM Corporate Service orps (CSC) Sub-team 4 [Amelia Ghofrany and Raquel Godoy] entering the Fair of Municipalities and Cities of Angola (FMCA-2013). FMCA is an exhibition for showcasing, promoting, and educating stakeholders in the tourism sector about the various provinces in Angola and available offerings/products. (Credit: IBM)



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