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Angel Diaz

Dr. Angel Diaz, Vice President of Open Standards at IBM

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Dr. Angel Luis Diaz is Vice President of Open Standards at IBM. In this role, he has global responsibility for driving strategy and management of IBM's industry-leading standards initiative. He manages a global standards community working across international organizations and consortia to foster development of the next generation of interoperability standards, policies and practices critical to IBM Middleware and foster a new model of standards development supporting IBM growth initiatives including IBM SmarterCloud, Social Business and Business Analytics.  Angel is also responsible for the SWG High Performance Lab team, working with leading customers on enterprise infrastructure, application architecture/platform and workload optimization.

Dr. Diaz has served in a number of leadership positions at IBM Application & Integration Middleware Division (WebSphere) for IBM Software Group, responsible for driving the strategy and marketing for some of IBM's leading middleware technologies. As Vice President of WebSphere Business Process Management & Connectivity, he led the expansion of IBM’s middleware footprint in the BPM & C business segment. As Director for the WebSphere Business Process Management development, architecture and technology strategy, he was responsible for WebSphere Business Modeler, WebSphere Publishing Server, WebSphere Business Monitor, WebSphere Business Space Framework Component and WebSphere Integration Developer product development teams.

Prior to joining IBM Software in 2003, Dr. Diaz was a member of IBM's Research staff and Senior Manager, where he led advanced technology projects related to XML & Web Services and initiated the world’s first two standards that make use of web services, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Web Services For Remote Portals (WSRP) and OASIS Web Services For Interactive Applications (WSIA).

He received his Ph.D. in computer science (distributed computing, programming languages & computer algebra) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

December, 2013