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Bob Picciano

Senior Vice President, Information and Analytics Group

Full biography

Robert Picciano is Senior Vice President, Information and Analytics, IBM Software Group (SWG). He has global responsibility for the strategy and management of IBM’s industry-leading big data, analytics, content management, security, threat and counter fraud, and enterprise social solutions portfolios. 

Mr. Picciano has held numerous executive positions with the company. Prior to his current assignment, he was general manager, Information Management, responsible for the revenue, development and strategy of the IBM Information Management software business, which includes database, data warehouse, master data management and associated software. Previously, he was general manager, Software Sales at IBM, overseeing sales strategy and management of the Software sales team; he also was the general manager of Lotus Software.

In addition, Mr. Picciano has served in executive roles across Information Management, including research, development and sales. He led the worldwide development and support of DB2 Linux, Windows and Unix platforms as vice president of Database Technology at the IBM Software Development Laboratory in Markham, Canada. In his role as vice president of Data Servers, he was responsible for the development of the database portfolio.

Mr. Picciano began his IBM career in 1987 in Bethesda, Maryland, as a software developer and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

December 2014