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The IBM Press Room offers many different types of RSS feeds. In addition, you can create custom feeds that combine several categories. If you are unfamiliar with RSS, please click the Learn more about RSS link below.

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Topics XML feeds
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This XML feed will be updated when any new press release has been added to the IBM Press Room.
News about IBM solutions that turn information into actionable insights.
Business partners
Cloud Computing
Gain access to your applications from anywhere, at any time.
Global Financing
Global Technology Services
Technology services that can deliver measurable business results.
IBM Blockchain
IBM Systems
IBM Watson
IBM Watson Analytics
IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT)
News of interest to IBM investors
Linux and Open Source
News about IBM products and services for small and midsize businesses.
IBM solutions that help with security, risk management, and compliance
Services and solutions
Smarter Cities
News about how IBM is helping to create Smarter Cities.
Smarter Planet
News releases related to IBM's Smarter Planet initiative
Social Business

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This XML feed will be updated when any new press release has been added to any of the industry categories below in the IBM Press Room.

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