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These links below are our most recent press releases. For more ways to find press releases, use the site search in the left navigation or the press release finder.

Latest press releases
Date Title
2017-03-30 IBM Patents Cognitive System to Manage Self-Driving Vehicles
2017-03-24 SIX Leverages IBM Watson for Cognitive Security Operations Center
2017-03-23 Scientists Use IBM Power Systems to Assemble Genome of West Nile Mosquito
2017-03-22 IBM and Dublin City University Water Institute Collaborate to Advance Internet of Things Research for Water Management
2017-03-22 The Weather Company Collaborates with Leading Luxury Automobile Manufacturer to Provide Drivers with Hyperlocal Weather Information
2017-03-14 Arthritis Research UK Introduces IBM Watson-Powered ‘Virtual Assistant’ to Provide Information and Advice to People with Arthritis
2017-03-08 IBM Breaks Industry Record for Conversational Speech Recognition by Extending Deep Learning Technologies
2017-03-08 IBM Researchers Store Data on World’s Smallest Magnet -- a Single Atom
2017-03-08 Munich Leukemia Laboratory Selects IBM Watson and Illumina for Research Collaboration to Advance Diagnostics and Develop Personalized Treatment Tools for Leukemia & Lymphoma
2017-03-06 IBM and Salesforce Announce Landmark Global Strategic Partnership
2017-03-06 IBM Building First Universal Quantum Computers for Business and Science
2017-02-13 IBM Delivers Watson for Cyber Security to Power Cognitive Security Operations Centers
2017-02-08 IBM Invites Cities Worldwide to Compete for Grants to Help Address Their Toughest Challenges
2017-02-01 Jupiter Medical Center Implements Revolutionary Watson for Oncology to Help Oncologists Make Data-Driven Cancer Treatment Decisions
2017-02-01 H&R Block with IBM Watson Reinventing Tax Preparation
2017-01-31 IBM: Your Computer Can Help Scientists Search for New Childhood Cancer Treatments 
2017-01-11 IBM Watson Health Announces Collaboration to Study the Use of Blockchain Technology for Secure Exchange of Healthcare Data
2017-01-09 IBM and Illumina Partner to Standardize Genomic Data Interpretation
2017-01-09 IBM Inventors Receive Record-Breaking 8,000+ U.S. Patents in 2016
2017-01-05 IBM Reveals Five Innovations that will Help Change our Lives within Five Years