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These links below are our most recent press releases. For more ways to find press releases, use the site search in the left navigation or the press release finder.

Latest press releases
Date Title
18 Oct 2016 IBM and Quest Diagnostics Launch Watson-Powered Genomic Sequencing Service to Help Physicians Bring Precision Cancer Treatments to Patients Nationwide
18 Oct 2016 Rhön-Klinikum Hospitals to Study How IBM Watson Can Support Doctors in the Diagnosis of Rare Diseases
11 Oct 2016 IBM’s Watson Helps Employees Tackle Cancer
11 Oct 2016 Siemens Healthineers and IBM Watson Health Forge Global Alliance for Population Health Management
06 Oct 2016 Royal Bank of Scotland Engages IBM Watson For Cognitive Insights to Better Serve Customers
04 Oct 2016 Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Plans Cognitive Hospital Rooms powered by IBM Watson Internet of Things
03 Oct 2016 Aerialtronics Commercial Drones Give IBM Watson Internet of Things a Bird’s Eye View
03 Oct 2016 IBM Invests to Lead Global Internet of Things Market – Shows Accelerated Client Adoption
03 Oct 2016 Schaeffler and IBM Sign Watson IoT Partnership for New Industrial Era
29 Sep 2016 IBM Announces Planned Acquisition of Promontory to Transform Regulatory Compliance with Watson
28 Sep 2016 IBM Foundation Collaborates with AFT and Education Leaders to Use Watson to Help Teachers
28 Sep 2016 Industry Leaders Establish Partnership on AI Best Practices
20 Sep 2016 IBM Research and MIT Collaborate to Advance Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World Audio-Visual Comprehension Technologies
15 Sep 2016 University of Warwick and IBM join forces to deliver cyber security skills of the future
14 Sep 2016 Discover Your Positive Influence With the Help of Chevy and IBM Watson
08 Sep 2016 IBM and Harrow Council to bring Watson Care Manager to individuals in the UK
07 Sep 2016 Gachon University Gil Medical Center adopts IBM Watson for Oncology Trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering, marking Watson’s first deployment in Korea
06 Sep 2016 Box Relay to Deliver Simple and Powerful Workflow in the Cloud
03 Sep 2016 IBM Watson Powers Wave of Innovation in Consumer Electronics
31 Aug 2016 IBM Watson Serves Cognitive Insights at the 2016 US Open Tennis Tournament