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IBM survey suggests that Glaswegians consider air quality, safety and security and cooperation between public and private sectors top priorities for their city

Residents surveyed to understand how Glasgow could become a Smarter City also expressed strong civic pride

GLASGOW, U.K. - 22 Nov 2011: IBM's (NYSE:IBM) Smarter Cities survey, of over 2,000 adults from four UK cities, found that Glaswegians consider good air quality to be very important to living in any city, while safety and security and cooperation between public and private sectors were also highlighted as important. In spite of any concerns the survey suggests Glaswegians remain fiercely loyal to their city.


Key findings of the IBM Smarter Cities Survey include:

These issues are being discussed today on IBM's Smarter Cities Sofa at the BASE Glasgow conference. Delegates at the event will be invited to join IBM experts and external speakers on the sofa to discuss how to address Glasgow's challenges, and make it a Smarter City. Experts joining the debate will include:

Glaswegians in the survey expressed a strong belief that the city would be run better if the public had a greater say in city matters. This is also tied to the result showing that 81% of Glaswegians think that better communication with the public by city leaders would improve the way Glasgow is run.

“This survey suggests Glaswegians believe greater outcomes could be achieved for the city through better communication and closer collaboration” commented Lynn Ferguson, IBM Industry Executive for Local Public Services. “The 'Smartest Cities' will be those that not only have an integrated view of the information associated with city systems such as the emergency services, energy, transport and healthcare, but who are also able to translate information into knowledge and go on to clearly communicate that knowledge. Those that do will be best placed to deliver improvements in the quality of public services and in the creation of attractive locations for people and business alike.”

Over three quarters of those surveyed in Glasgow believe that the private and public sectors working together more effectively would improve the way the city is run. Business opportunities are highlighted by 62%* of Glaswegians as being very important to any city.

Despite the survey highlighting suggested areas of improvement, with only 46% of those surveyed agreeing that Glasgow had a particular vision, 78% of people surveyed in Glasgow still said that they were proud to be from the city showing a strong sense of civic pride.

Notes to Editors

To join the Twitter conversation on the 22nd November, use the hashtag #IBMBase

*This figure is the percentage of people who rate each factor as 8 or more out of 10 for importance. 

About the survey

ComRes conducted an online survey of over 2,000 adults across four cities - Glasgow, London, Leeds and Brighton between the 13th and 27th of May 2011. 500 Glaswegians participated. Data were weighted to be representative of all adults in each city by age and gender. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abide by its rules. Full data tables can be found at:

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