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  • MRSA biofilm disrupted by hydrogel

    MRSA biofilm disrupted by hydrogel

    Date added: 2013-01-24

    On the left is a mature and healthy MRSA biofilm. After the hydrogel is applied, the biofilm is destroyed as seen on the right. The small portion of cells left have drastically disrupted membrane, preventing resistance. This type of biofilm disruption has not been reported in other antimicrobial hydrogels/synthetic polymers. Photo Credit: IBN.




  • IBM Researchers Win Feyman Prize

    IBM Researchers Win Feyman Prize

    Date added: 2013-01-17

    IBM Researchers Gerhart Meyer, Leo Gross (pictured) and Jascha Repp (now at Regensburg University) won the prestigious Feynman prize given by the Foresight Group. The team of research scientists was the first to produce images detailed enough to identify the structure of individual molecules, as well as metal-molecule complexes. They have also been able to accurately deconstruct individual chemical bonds which provide key insights into designing future molecular systems and nano scale devices. (Monica Davey/Feature Photo Service for IBM)




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