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  • Triax Helps Reduce Head Injuries

    Triax Helps Reduce Head Injuries

    Date added: 2015-10-22

    Triax Technologies innovates, develops, manufactures and markets products designed specifically to meet the emerging needs of athletes and those who are involved in ensuring their health and safety. By utilizing the Watson language service, this device can factor in more diverse data sources to analyze sentiment and infer cognitive and social characteristics to provide a more holistic view of athletic safety and performance (credit: Triax Technologies)



  • Introducing Expert Storybooks in IBM Watson Analytics

    Introducing Expert Storybooks in IBM Watson Analytics

    Date added: 2015-10-14

    Today IBM introduced new data discovery and question and answer capabilities for Watson Analytics, including Expert Storybooks. In collaboration with industry partners such as The Weather Company, Twitter, the American Marketing Association and Deloitte, Expert Storybooks in Watson Analytics help guide users on how to understand, learn and reason with different types of data sources to surface the relevant facts and uncover patterns and relationships for predictive decision making. (credit: IBM)



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